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Craigslist is the most popular classified website in the world, and is considered the best website for job postings as well as finding deals. It is especially popular in USA , North America, where a fee is charged for listings in certain categories. It has a very simple website design, but incorporates the best technology for posting and replying to classified advertisements.

In India, Craiglist is free is not very popular, as there are a large number of junk postings, which may be because the genuine listings are flagged or because other classified websites like Quikr and spend more money advertising in offline media. Also internet access remains expensive, insecure and unreliable in many parts of the country, because of the lack of vision and foresight, as competent technical talent in India is subjected to identity theft,humiliation, defamation and important position are reserved for the inexperienced lazy and unqualified friends of powerful people.

Comparatively Philippines craigslist has more genuine listings, because there is more appreciation for merit in their culture, compared to India where nepotism and corruption is rampant in the internet sector. Even the largest companies in india will prefer lazy inexperienced young puppets over experienced webmasters, and waste infinite tax payer money to harass experienced webmasters.

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