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Though the online classifieds are "free" the person placing the ad needs an internet connection, which is not free. Similarly the person viewing the ad has to pay for the internet connection, and even then it is unreliable. For example this online publisher is spending Rs 700+ per month with one ISP, yet she has to usually spend approximately five minutes to connect to the internet every time because the internet connection is so unreliable. The ISP has made it difficult for her to get the backdoors repaired, and but these backdoors are revealed to friends of powerful and well connected people, who do not pay a single paisa towards the ISP bill.

These greedy friends and relatives, and powerful men, who want to claim credit for work which they do not do, then misuse this confidential information about security backdoors to harass the ISP subscriber, wasting time daily. when those who matter take such a sadistic pleasure in harassing subscribers who spend their hard earned money online, reading the newspaper classifieds is less stressful and less time is wasted.

The other reason is the lack of competent technical talent in the Indian internet industry. Some of the most powerful men in the sector have massive egos, and want all important positions to be filled with only their puppets and friends. This pattern has been repeated multiple times.

It is believed that an extremely powerful official, probably in NTRO has given fake references to his young slim lazy BSc pass girlfriend sunaina, claiming that she is an engineer with twenty years experience, when she does not even have one years work experience. Thus an inexperienced and unqualified person has got a very lucrative position, while the real engineer has been humiliated, denied opportunities(emails intercepted), and subjected to fraud by officials who are jealous of her. Others who have been similarly showered with privileges are siddhi mandrekar, kalpita nabar, ruchika kinger.

Now it is easy to give fake references, in a few minutes, but experience of twenty years is not obtained overnight, hence the real technical talent in india is wasted. Unfortunately even large internet companies like Google who would benefit from the increase in internet usage in India, promote and protect liars like sunaina, and shower them with great powers for cheating the real engineer of her rightful dues. It shows the real intentions of Google and tata group in india .

In fact the level of dishonesty is so high, that if this online publisher did not name the lazy slim sunaina in this website, the powerful men in India would also attribute this content to her, and shower her with privileges for work she does not do , as they have done earlier,cruelly exploiting the online publisher as they have done so many times before.

Of course, there are honest ISPs which offer excellent service to customers who pay the bills, but these are relatively few in number and are reviewed separately in my ISP review website.

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