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Quikr is probably the most popular online classifieds website in India, and has a large number of categories as well as city and town specific listings. The website is promoted extensively in the online as well as offline media mainly as a website where sellers can dispose of their second hand or unwanted goods, but has a large number of listings in other categories also. A majority of the requirements posted on the website seem to be genuine.

In large metro cities, where the internet connectivity is very good, Quikr has a large number of listings in the real estate category,buying, selling, renting property, probably more than any other online website. In smaller towns, where internet connectivity is poor because of nepotism and corruption, the number of listings is much lower .

For example in panaji, great powers are given to cheater women who are not even remotely interested in internet like , siddhi mandrekar, reis magos, verem, goa, daughter of sufal mandrekar, and sunaina, , nayanshree hathwar, ruchika kinger,asmita patel because they have extremely powerful backers to make fraudulent claims on their behalf. These dishonest women and their backers are falsely claiming to be involved in this webmasters business without doing anything. It is believed that tata group and google india are providing complete support to these cheater women and their powerful backers in subjecting the webmaster to the most horrific human rights abuses and corporate espionage. These powerful men are cowards who will never have the guts to face the vulnerable single woman they exploited and cheated to justify their actions.

We are forced to repeat this fraud story in every page of this website so that everyone is aware of how cheaply tata and google are behaving in exploiting an experienced webmaster, indulging in corporate espionage, and promoting liars and frauds.

Listing on online classified websites like quikr is free which is one of the greatest advantages of using this website. However, in many categories, there are incorrect or spam listings, which affects the user experience. The jobs category seems to have been removed in the last few months from the website, only online, part time and freelance jobs are listed prominently. Featured listings are available on payment of a small fee, and they offer mobile payment options for these ads.

Overall Quikr could be more popular, if internet connectivity was secure, cheaper, and not misused, if those in charge had the vision to appoint competent people in positions of responsibility, not giving fake references or promoting liars who are well connected.

Anyone interested in advertising through this website can send an email to info(at)textads.in

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