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One of the little known facts about working online are the extremely unfair biases and lies. If a person is not young, thin, tall or good looking enough he or she is subjected to unending persecution and harassment, making it difficult to earn a living online. All their online income is attributed to the lazy young girlfriend of a powerful person who is actually not doing anything, so that she gets lucrative assignments while the experienced webmaster gets nothing at all, as these assignments are stolen and given to the young slim cheater girlfriend, who gets fake references from powerful people.

Even this content will be falsely attributed by powerful men to their lazy young slim girlfriend sunaina or siddhi mandrekar, who they have showered with great powers for being their accomplice in the act of fraud. In no other sector is laziness rewarded so much, and investors, experience and hard work punished so mercilessly as the internet sector in India. In such cases, it is advisable to consider both online and offline classifieds for advertising.

It is disgusting how big companies promote cruel harassment, human rights abuses of experienced webmasters, and there is no redressal mechanism for domain investors and webmasters who have invested huge amounts of money and many years of their life.

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