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Vashi Times is probably the best weekly periodical in India for classified advertisements, as it is designed for the advertisers and readers of classified ads. It is published weekly, and has a very large number of classified ads, mainly pertaining to businesses in Navi Mumbai area. Instead of wasting time on uninteresting news, most of the paper consists of only classifieds. Like most other newspaper classifieds, the main categories are jobs /situation vacant and real estate/properties available for sale / rent.

The advertising rates for the classifieds are extremely reasonable and affordable. The advertisement form can be filled by visiting their office, and the staff are very helpful. For a business needing staff or person selling real estate in Navi Mumbai, this is the one of the best way to find genuine leads. Some of the ads are also interesting like the handwriting work at home jobs which are offered by some companies in Navi Mumbai. Usually the common man thinks twice about advertising in a newspaper, but Vashi Times has made it very affordable and easy.

Though Vashi Times has interesting classified ads, it is not easy to get a copy of the weekly paper even in Mumbai. It is available only in Navi Mumbai and a few parts of Mumbai along the harbour line railway stations. A request was sent for subscribing to this weekly paper by post, but no reply has been obtained till date.

Anyone interested in advertising in this newspaper can send an email to info(at)

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