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Online and offline classifieds in India

This website on Online and Offline classifieds contains comprehensive reviews as well as the reason why offline classified will continue to be popular

Though there is a lot of media hype about the number of internet users in India, a little known fact about internet usage is that it is highly regulated and controlled. Webmasters who have invested huge amounts online, who are not well connected, are systematically denied internet access by tampering with their laptops and internet connection, often using backdoors and security flaws known only to government agencies.
Hence, though online classified websites may advertise extensively on TV, it is difficult to access these websites, when experienced webmasters and domain investors who have spent more than Rs 80 lakh online, are forced to limit their usage to less than an hour or two a day, or face the risk that they will lose control of their hard earned savings of several decades.

Additionally due to the indian government policy of rewarding haryana fraudsters like gurugram cheater mba raw employee ruchita kinge with monthly salary for FAKING bank account, domain ownership including this one, haryana has become the cybercrime capital of india, with haryana fraudsters making upto Rs 45000 daily committing frauds on indian citizens and the indian tech and internet companies remain supporters of gurugram cheater mba raw employee ruchita kinge and other fraud raw/cbi employees like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan

Online classifieds in India - craigslist, quikr,,

Offline classifieds - newspapers, magazines, other periodicals. This online publisher always tries to get copies of local newspapers wherever possible for review. any newspaper wishing to be featured here, can contact on email or send a copy to our address. Please note that this online publisher is a virtual prisoner, with all emails, postal mails diverted to friends of powerful people, who then decide whether it should reach the real recipient, in a very cheap attempt at identity theft.

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Internet connectivity - poor internet connectivity, especially in small towns, due to the nepotism, corruption and lack of vision, so fewer people are able to spend time online checking online classifieds websites. powerful officials will hack the laptop of webmasters, and then claim that their lazy liar mediocre girlfriends are doing all the work, when they are not doing anything,.

Unfairness and dishonesty - how nepotism and corruption destroys the internet infrastructure in India

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Basically the internet in India is very elitist, and controlled by cruel people who do not tolerate differences of opinion or outlook. If a person is "different" they will ruthlessly exploit and loot the person. The print media is relatively liberal, anyone can pay the price and buy a newspaper for reading the classifieds, and the reader does not have to also pay for an unreliable and expensive internet connection.

We provide a list of Indian importers of pen drives with name, address and other contact details as available on payment of a nominal fee. For more details send an email to info(at)

WARNING : Please note that siddhi mandrekar, sunaina,riddhi , nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel,ruchika kinger and others are not affiliated with this website in any way at all, though the most powerful men in the indian internet industry, google and tata are spending huge amounts promoting these lazy women and making false claims on their behalf about their association with this website to exploit the real webmaster.
In fact siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, is an extremely dangerous liar, with no morals at all, who is guilty of corporate espionage, nayanshree hathwar has cheated a single woman of her hard earned money, and goan bhandari sex worker sunaina has been fraudulently introduced to ebay as a customer, when she does not have an ebay account, to exploit an experienced webmaster. When these women dont want to spend a single paisa online, why should they get powers or credit?

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